Sure We Can Do It!

From removing tomato stains from a plastic container to building living spaces, DIY tutorials are the new Homemade Universities. It’s still Summer in Southern California, fleas and ticks are having a time. Dog Flea treatment prices are also in fire. What you do if you have dogs? Spend your monthly gas budget in a treatment or google “DIY anti flea medicine?” I did that recently and found a great recipe for a homemade anti flea shampoo on ehow . This is a page I use a lot, as other 3,000,000 people do daily. With over 30 different categories you can spend days looking at pictures, instructions and tutorials. I love that you don’t necessary need to subscribe and I wonder who are all those people who contribute. A much smaller page is crafster, I much love it cause is smaller, it only has 315,741 members (I’m not one, I just love looking at it but should join the community soon) If you like expressing yourself with un expensive unique fashion please look at this DIY boogie dancing hot recon dress. The fact that this site is less visited than other big universities, and doesn’t have as many sponsors, cookies and categories makes me feel that I’m finding something more special and brings me calmness. Visually it’s not the most beautiful but it’s clean and easy to navigate.

As a mom of a 4 year old engineer that loves to watch “DIY trucks with good trash” on Youtube, I needed to find another source. Somehow when we looked at those magic words on youtube the same videos came over and over, and if you are a mom of a kid this generation, you might know that Rylans World is a virus! no matter what you type that kid ends up being the star of the show and oh no! Anyways… I finally found a great great page called instructables , you can enroll into tutorial classes for strange and fun things such as creating beautiful rockets . Then if you want the PDF’s you need to pay and upgrade to Premium category, but you have the chance to watch for free a lot before and decide if you need those documents. Its very slick and taught by experts versus Ehow that has more random teachers, inputs, etc.. Who regulates ehow btw? I wonder if I can teach how to code in a minute. What a prank that would be! Anyhow, once you hit the Vanilla PG13 curiosity stage of mind, I recommend checking out DIY projects and PFY (Prove for yourself) articles like selected weird treasures from Google Earth Images on canyouactually.

And sure, I should take a class on how to reduce pixels of pics with no Affinity or Photo Shop for my blog. The DIY bucket list is endless, as curiosity, imagination and inspiration is.

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